How To Make Powerful Property Marketing: 5 Guaranteed Tools

1. Video

Video is a powerful tool for selling property, not only because the vast majority of homebuyers are searching online, but because according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 73% of sellers would choose to use an estate agent who uses video over those who don’t. And yet video is highly underused in property marketing, with only 5% of agents using it.

The average visitor will spend only 48 seconds viewing a website, but will spend up to 5 minutes, 50 seconds if that website contains a video. And with YouTube now ranking as the second largest search engine after Google, and YouTube videos commanding the highest ranking of SEO out of all social media tools, the reach and exposure video can afford your property is unparalleled.

However, like any technology, in the wrong hands you risk negative results. The time and costs associated with high standard equipment and editing make video a challenging task, which can partl explain so many agents reluctance to embrace it. Professional videographers with the latest technology are essential, as poor quality or badly edited video will misrepresent and frustrate potential buyers. Don’t forget the speed people take to make decisions when browsing online is a matter of seconds, so delivering outstanding footage is crucial.

2. 3D Virtual tours
3D virtual tour technology is an ideal tool for showing property, but it still hasn’t been fully exploited by many estate agents even though the commercial advantage has been clearly proven. Estate agents are already burdened with many time consuming tasks and casual property viewings are just one of the drains on their time. Yet Property Week have estimated that virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by an astonishing 40%.

Virtual tours enable potential buyers to navigate and explore every angle of a property from the comfort of their own surroundings and focus on areas of the property a video might not highlight; allowing the buyer to make decisions based on details that concern them the most.
Investing in a professional service provider means that the costs of providing a 3D virtual tour for your properties can be a lot more affordable than investing in the technology yourself, and the savings in time and cost for you, not to mention the high level of interest your listings will generate.

3. Professional Photography
Professional property photographers are an essential and non-negotiable investment when selling property. The first impressions of potential buyers are made within seconds, and listings using professional real estate photography have been proven to sell 32% faster.

Photographers with expertise in property photography know exactly how to show your property and what potential buyers want to see. They know before they begin their work what areas and features they will focus on, and what tools and settings they need to use. The correct lighting and angles to capture the best views of a property are fundamental to the first impressions the buyer will make, and these are critical.

4. Floorplans
While images of property generate instant interest and decision making for buyers, floorplans are surprisingly influential in the decision-making process as well. According to Rightmove, more than one third of all buyers are unlikely to enquire about a property without seeing a floorplan, and one in five buyers would simply ignore such a listing.

This research showed that next to the number and quality of photographs of the property, the floorplan is the next most important feature. While the photography should be optimised to show the best features and potential of the property, the floorplan supports these images with the detail and scale of the property layout.

Buyers also want to see clear dimensions so they can decide if the property meets their needs, therefore you should invest in floorplans which can mark clearly the dimensions of each room and area of the property.

Detailed floorplans can also have the desired effect of making properties appear larger. When viewing a property, or even viewing images or video, it is easy to overlook details such as lofts, basements, box rooms, cupboards etc. which present extra potential space and storage for buyers. Showing all this available space on a floorplan reinforces the overall size and space of a property, and so the perceived value is increased.

5. Customised Maps
Location is high on the list of considerations for potential homebuyers, and some locations are clearly more desired than others. However, considering 60% of homebuyers are millennials and first time buyers, the properties affordable to them do not always exist in prime locations. What is important to show these buyers are the amenities and best features of the area your property is based in, as the lifestyle potential of these areas will grow quickly in time with urban spread.

If you invest in the technology to create a customised map for your properties, highlighting all local amenities such as schools, parks, shopping, restaurants, etc. you will give potential buyers an overall view of what to expect from the area, allowing them to make a quicker decision.

The evidence couldn’t be clearer that if you employ these tools to show your property you will see faster and higher sales as a result. We all need to save time and money, and now you know how.