How To Increase Profits When You Show Your Property

Do you know if the tools you use to show your property are losing or gaining you revenue? Too often we don’t realise when we’re losing time and money because we don’t step back to analyse and update the systems we use and how effective they are. It takes time to analyse the results of your marketing efforts, and yet the longer you delay this the more profit you lose. Let us help you. We’ve laid out some valuable facts about the proven tools guaranteed to see your profits soar.

You Will Immediately See Growth When You Use The Proven Technology

The solution to successful property marketing is a lot more simple than it may seem.
Recent research shows that 95% of all homebuyers use online searches to find their home. This means that 95% of any estate agents target market is based online.

Further research into online behaviour reveals that homebuyers spend 60% of their time viewing the pictures of properties compared to 20% reading the description. Even more revealing is the fact that properties with high quality images command a 47% higher asking price.

“Properties with high quality images command a 47% higher asking price”

Images count for a whole lot if you want to make an impression on homebuyers, and it makes obvious sense to invest in quality images to compete in this trying market. Yet many estate agents are not taking advantage of the tools and methods that are now available, and proven to make a remarkable impact on sales. The timing is perfect to gain a competitive edge and gain the benefits of a high quality portfolio for your property.

These tools are the future of property marketing, and if you don’t use them you will quickly get left behind.