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Public Venues: Visitor Centre

Our visitor centre tours are an immersive experience using rich 8k high resolution detail, (rather than merely suggestive imagery), so can deliver multiple brand messages in a single online space.

We make use of the interactive display tags to present new or existing images, video, audio or text.

Public Venues: Museum

Open your unique museum experience to the world. With 3D tours you get the benefit of a far wider audience virtually than physically.

Share our tours and videos on brand platforms, and/or as part of any recruitment/advertising campaign via social media channels.

Retail & Hospitality

We use Virtual Tours to create immersive experiences that represent your brand, which goes on to build long-term value and loyalty for your business. 

By adding eCommerce, people can continue to buy your products even if they can’t visit your store in person.

Facilities Management

We provide Virtual Tour, photographic survey and video services relating to Fire & Safety regulations and instructional materials for tenants and owners of Multi Use Developments within the Irish market. 

Project Management

We have worked on international projects from Berlin to Moscow. These include large loft-style commercial properties for lease to tech companies by the developer or commercial leasing company.

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